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PACKER's range of products designed to promote health and safety in the workplace.


Low Melt Glue Gun

Operating at a lower temperature than hot melt, low melt reduces the risk and severity of accidental burns.

Ripack Shrink Guns

The Ripack shrink guns have a unique and patented cold nozzle for even greater user safety.


Safety Cutters

Reduce the chance of accidental cuts with products like the PSC-1 safety knife.

Carton Tape Dispensers

Reduce the risk of injury with our blade covered tape dispensers.

Steel Safety Tools

Stop steel strapping from springing back once cut with our range of safety shears.

Trips and Falls

Polypropylene Strapping

Use strapping to bundle and secure heavy loads.

Sanstrap Packer Bands

Improve the stability of pallets without the risk of damage to products.

Stretch Film

Stabilise and protect entire pallets quickly and easily with stretch film.

Back Injuries

Shoulder Dolly

Use a lifting strap to lift and move heavy and bulky objects safely.

MSW-M Stretch Wrapper

The MSW-M pallet wrapper removes the need for bending or crouching, reducing the risk of back strain.

Pallet Strapping Machines

Strap pallets effortlessly with the minimum amount of stretching and crouching.